“Smokin’ Hawg BBQ Co. LTD. had its humble beginnings. Just me, a smoker, and an age-old challenge—cooking great BBQ for my guests at the cabin."
-Pitmaster Bernie Lutzer

Pitmaster Bernie LutzerBernie Lutzer never set out to create the most successful BBQ catering service in Winnipeg for the last 10 years, it just evolved. He’s not a classically trained chef or graduate of culinary school, he learned through lots of trial and error. It was in Winnipeg that he found the two loves of his life: his wife and his two sons and later in life the delicate art of BBQ. And it’s been those very godsends that inspired Smokin’ Hawg BBQ as we know it.

Bernie spent 30 years as a civil servant. During that time, he has always been drawn to cooking. Weather working at some of Winnipeg’s popular restaurants as a second job or for home and guests. As he soaked up the flavour’s and practices of ‘cue fare out at the cabin for his friends and neighbours the love for cooking BBQ was born.

During this time Bernie met Jim Beauchamp. He was and still is a wealth of information and respected amongst competitors in BBQ and introduced Bernie to BBQ Competition. Well the hook was set to chase and earn a Grand Champion, lots of top 5 awards in all meat categories and a few first places in each category. He also achieved third place and Reserve Grand, in 2014 he earned his first Grand Champion at the Winnipeg BBQ and Blues Festival. With being in demand for catering, BBQ competing has taken a back seat for now.

Putting Southern Comfort into your Soul, Winnipegers.


Smokin' Hawg in the Media


Awards and Other Recognition

  • 2014 - Winnipeg BBQ & Blues Festival - *Grand Champion*, Ribs 1st Place, Brisket 1st Place
  • 2013 - Winnipeg BBQ & Blues Festival - 6th place overall, Brisket 1st, Chicken 5th Place, Pork 6th Place, Ribs 20th
  • 2012 - Winnipeg BBQ & Blues Festival – Overall Reserve *Grand Champion*, Ribs 1st Place, Pork 14th Place, Brisket 4th Place, Chicken 8th Place
  • 2011 – 3rd Place overall, Ribs 2nd Place
  • 2010 Manitoba Open BBQ Competition – 3rd Place overall, Ribs 1st Place
  • Morris Stampede 2010 Best Outdoor Concession